Airrider Feature 04

The AirRider is the only self inflating air cell comfort pad on the market and has been developed by motorcycle seat specialists Saddle Craft. It has a patented valve and design where by the simple touch of a button you can instantly inflate/deflate to adjust comfort levels on the go. This design therefore does away with the need of an additional hand pump and fiddly adjustments making it ideal for touring as well as providing an answer to uncomfortable stock seats. It comes in three different sizes as well as a pillion version which will cover everything from sports bikes to cruisers.

It is made from high quality non slip vinyl and a heavy-duty polyurethane bladder with patented valve, allowing for a self-inflating air cell which constantly equalises forces acting upon it, to distribute your weight over the whole seat. Thus, reducing pressure spots and relieving numbness which can accumulate from long periods in the saddle. There are two attachment loops either side for a simple, no tool installation.

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