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The Most Advanced Seating Technology…

The AirRider is the only SELF-INFLATING air cell comfort pad on the market and has been developed by motorcycle seat specialists Saddle Craft who are well respected in the UK motorcycle trade.

It has a patented valve where by the simple touch of a button you can instantly inflate/deflate to adjust comfort levels on the go, making it ideal for touring as well as providing an answer to uncomfortable stock seats. It comes in three different sizes as well as a pillion version which will cover everything from sports bikes to cruisers.

AirRider’s are 100% manufactured in the UK from high quality non-slip vinyl and heavy-duty polyurethane bladder with a singular air cell design. Having a single air cell allows for greater performance and feel whilst riding, especially when leaning the bike, where other air cushions of multi-chamber design often cause excessive rocking motion when changing body position.

Only a minimal amount of air is actually needed to create a gap between the rider and motorcycle which acts as a shock absorber, helping dissipate vibrations that come up through the saddle whilst riding.

An uncomfortable saddle or seating position can be a serious distraction and can easily contribute to ‘rider fatigue’ and become a rider safety issue, especially those who ride distance or professionally. The AirRider therefore helps the user cover much greater distances without this distraction and has been proven through 40,000+ test miles.

No maintenance is required, and quick release straps are provided to allow the AirRider to be detached without having to remove the seat first. Designed by bikers, for bikers.

Rr Airrider Banner 009
  • Self-inflating
  • 100% British manufactured
  • Low profile so rider doesn’t feel detached from bike
  • High quality anti-slip vinyl cover
  • Unique patented push button air inflation/deflation valve
  • Singular air cell design for greater feel and performance while riding
  • No maintenance
  • Quick release straps


01. Air Cell Construction

Total support and comfort across the whole of the pad while riding. The air cell construction provides a uniform level of comfort in all riding positions.

02. Self Inflating Comfort

The unique design of the AirRider provides total control over the riding comfort. With the self-inflating feature allowing for quick and easy adjustments.

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03. Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Surface

Made from high quality automotive vinyl which makes for a durable and long lasting product.

04. Full Range of Sizes

The range of sizes available provide the perfect fitting pad for the majority of motorcycles on the market, including a Pillion specific pad for your passenger!

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Range of Sizes

The range of AirRider sizes available provide the perfect size pad for any motorcycle seat. Each pad is 40mm thick when fully inflated.

SMALL – 260mm W x 290mm L x 40mm H

MEDIUM – 310mm W x 320mm L x 40mm H

LARGE – 390mm W x 320mm L x 40mm H

PILLION – 260mm W x 280mm L x 40mm H

Airrider Size Height
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Airrider Size Small
Airrider Size Medium
Airrider Size Large
Airrider Size Pillion

How it Works…

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Simply press and hold button for the AirRider to self-inflate.

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Sit on AirRider and press button again which will release air to required comfort level.

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If too much air is released simply take your weight off AirRider and press the button for it to re-inflate. Only a minimal amount of air is actually required for best results.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

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Interested in becoming a reseller?

We’re looking for resellers around the world to stock and sell the AirRider comfort pad to their customers. If you are interested in becoming a stockist of our unique motorcycle comfort pad, contact us for more information…